Christian co-founded Composite Co. He currently lives in New York and directs strategy for SAVVY studio. 

Plays music under the names Sweet Earl Greene and Miracle Baby

William & Mary
B.A. International Relations

Georgetown University
MPS Real Estate Development


Imagined VAULTE X-XII, a conceptual art project and installation.

Created a campaign to make people believe a real hype fashion brand was coming to DC.

Then opened a satirical pop-up shop in a trendy neighborhood.

Behind the hype lies a generic, unadorned, white tee-shirt.

We held lectures and discussions about design's relationship to capitalism.

Developed the interior design strategy for Alley, Verizon's co-working platform

Produced murals in collaboration with local artists

Commissioned custom site-specific pieces

and selected and styled all the furniture.

Worked with The LINE Hotel on the visual identity for their in-lobby podcast network

Full Service Radio, a network of over 30 shows, was born

Created a graphic system for avatar and poster design

And a series of custom illustrations

Collaborated with Gensler on a library for design books

Designed a signage system

Curated a reading list of design titles

Created the brand and collateral for OSLO, a coliving residential concept

Created custom icons to tell the story

Developed the brand's foundational copy and tone of voice

Directed and produced a teaser video

Conceptualized the identity for STABLE, an arts incubator and studio

Systematized their event collateral

Created an initial suite of posters

Designed custom merchandise