A designer of ideas.

Co-founder and Creative Director of Composite

Currently working on some projects with Telfar, plus a website for a new menswear brand that will launch this spring.


Trademark is an ongoing research project on the logo's role in a consumption-based society.

As I'm finding new logo patches, I'm open-sourcing them on Arena, so that anyone can make their own branded apparel.

Initiated VAULTE X-XII, a conceptual art project and installation that took the form of a hype fashion brand.

We staged a campaign to signal the coming of streetwear brand in DC, a city starved for fresh experiences.

We designed a pop-up shop that proposed to sell a series of limited-edition merchandise.

The line for the opening event was around the block.

Yet behind the hype stood a generic, unadorned, white tee-shirt in a vitrine, a symbol of branding gone awry in our late capitalist era.

The project culminated in the launch of VAULTE MAGAZINE, which explores the intersection of design and capitalism.

The magazine, now sold out, was available via ACTUAL SOURCE.

Developed the interior design strategy for Alley, Verizon's co-working platform.

We developed the visual concepts, inspired by the homes of urban creatives. We produced murals in collaboration with local artists in Washington, DC, and Cambridge, MA.

We commissioned custom site-specific art installations and oversaw production.

All furniture across two spaces, including vintage and original pieces, was sourced and styled by Composite.

Worked with The LINE Hotel to create a brand for their in-lobby podcast network.

Full Service Radio, a network of over 30 shows, was born, hosted by creatives, musicians, and artists in Washington, DC.

The brand required a communication system for avatar and poster design that allowed for hosts to customize their own content.

We were also commissioned to create a series of custom illustrations for their website.

Collaborated with Gensler and Formfunction studio on a free library for design books.

Off the beaten path in the Union Market neighborhood of DC, Resource required a unique wayfinding and signage system.

Curated by a cadre of local designers, the Resource Reading List showcased recommended design titles in a commemorative newsprint piece.

Created the brand and collateral for OSLO, a co-living residential concept.

The concept, with its shared living spaces and high-end private spaces, necessitated a graphic, personal way of storytelling.

We developed a system for the brand's foundational copy, personality, and tone of voice.

To commemorate the brand's launch, we directed and produced a campaign video.

Conceptualized the identity for STABLE, an incubator and studio space for artists.

With an in-house gallery, STABLE required a system for creating event and social collateral.

Then we created the initial suite of posters for their launch and built them a website.

As part of their fundraising effort, we designed a suite of merchandise that didn't feel like merchandise.



Strategy at Gander
Strategy at Savvy Studio


Creative Director at Composite